Saturday, 18 April 2015

Busy, not gone

So I realized how long it has been since my last post. I thought it could be advantageous to check in with a few things. First, on the 7th of April I excitedly got to give the American premiere to Leilia Tian's Om for horn and electronics, as well as the world premiere of Jordan Kusel's "a cold surrogate, a penance play" for amplified horn, max/msp, electronics, and video. ON THE SAME PROGRAM! Which was a great experience all in all. Those pieces shared the bill with Jan Koetsier's Skurrile Elgie for R. Wagner for Wagner Tuba and string quartet, Madelien Isakkson's Tjarnoga - O Bla, and Serge Acuri's Lueres for horn, percussion, and tape. Was a good night recordings will come soon.

In addition I am starting to use my youtube channel again, check that out here: My Channel 

I am currently working on a set of etudes (composing that is) for horn and electronics. They will explore various aspects of working with electronics, yet will be accessible and hopefully help facilitate strategies that can be applied to larger more complex works. So if you want to be a guinea pig, let me know in the comments below! Would love some feedback etc.

Hit that +1, share. Drop a line below! More details, recordings, etc. coming soon.

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