Wednesday, 27 November 2013


You may be asking why am I doing this, in short the process that one undergoes when learning complex works of music is unique, and it is one that we all individually cultivate from our teachers, mentors, and experiences. One thing I have always done was kept a journal of notes, and ideas when I learn larger works. This is something that I plan to do here, for myself, and hopefully anyone that stumbles onto this page can view it, maybe learn something, start a conversation on their thoughts or anything.

So what makes this work so special that I should give it a blog. Karlheinz Stockhausen is a major influence on me, both in how he treats sound, music, and their relationships. As well, in Stockhausen we saw someone that created anything they imagined big, or small. Nebadon from his larger collection of Klang was composed in 2007 (the year he passed away) and as far as I know is maybe one of the most monumental works for horn and electronics. You have a composer who really changed all the rules, influenced entire genres of music, and one can't hear an electronic work without thinking somewhere about Stockhausen.

So this is a BIG project, it will be a LONG project, and a trying project on me. So I will post here when I feel it appropriate.

"But I'm an adventurer. I like invention, I like discovery" - Karlheinz Stockhausen