Monday, 22 September 2014

Contact Dermatitis and Brass Playing

Quick background here, About a year and a half ago I conducted some basic data collection and did a great deal of research to complete a research paper in my Masters degree which was based on Contact Dermatitis in brass playing. I was able to get a small survey done as well as collect some valuable insight from players willing to share their expereiences. Myself, I have mild ACD (Allergic Contact Dermatitis) so I wanted to know more, and invesitage the experience of others. It is later now, but I am going to release this paper for others to share, I had some time to let is sit, and reflect and ultimately decided I was happy with it and its content and would share it with others.

Click the link below to read it. It will also be found in the downloads tab.
Allergic Contact Dermatitis - That's Irritating

Happy Horning.
One more thing, I am writing an article at the moment and am still trying to get more survey results to have a meaningful sample. It is one simple question, found here. As well please if you have opinions etc, please contact me with them

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