Saturday, 3 January 2015

Looking back

So a little over a year ago I started this blog. My plans were to keep track of my ideas and kind of talk things out, but since it would be public I would have to hold myself to a high standard and justify my thoughts, as well. It as to help me highlight my process on working on modern works and leaving a paper trail to look back on. So I thought.. hey, I have been away, not from practising... no rest for the wicked over there. But haven't had time to keep my regular posting up so here is a look back at the most viewed posts, and my favorite ones as well.

So first up. The 5 most viewed

Two posts I am proud of come from work I did in my masters degree.

The first is "The horn in the mix of the new world" (linked above)
Second is "That's irritating" a post on contact dermatitis and brass playing.

There is also the post in regards to a few surveys I conducted that I am turning into a full article. This link,

These are links to much longer articles but, they are interesting, in my opinion at least.

Finally here are my top 3 that didn't make the top 5 most viewed.

So that's it, there could have been more. BUT! That's is for you to decide, I guess. I have some posts coming that are sitting around since I am trying to figure out my opinion still on them so, until then, go forth and harmonize.

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