Wednesday, 3 September 2014

September.. the other "new year"

So it is September now, to some this is more of a "new year" then January 1st, this is the time school goes back, orchestras start to get started up again, the leisure of the summer schedule get's filled up with teaching, meetings, music, etc. I saw a tweet earlier this week from Orchestras Canada that brought up this idea of this other „new year" and what resolutions people would make. SO, I figured I would follow suit since I don't have tons going on right now. That being said the schedule is filling up with auditions,  Penderecki, Maximilian Marcoll, Stockhausen is peeking out again, plus many more. As well the next few weeks are plotting to further assault my video game time. So here are my resolutions for myself:

1) Use the audio recorder more, and use it more effectively. I have been thinking a great deal about this and have a few ideas of how to pursue this.

2) To be more aware of the effect on the colour of my sound that fingerings have.

3) Cultivate my soft and compacting playing more.

So there it is. In writing. Guess I need to do those things, not saying there isn't a tremendous amount of other things to be constantly worked on, but for the next little while these things will be a focus.

There will also be some good blog posts as I start working on new works and such, there are some cool ones coming! So that is exciting, a few premieres as well.

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